Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why Blog?

Here is something to inspire fellow Filipinos, and blogger wannabe's out there. Why would someone like us blog? Let me give you a 5 reasons.

1. Blogging makes money.
Yes, blogging is proved to be profitable by millions of bloggers in the blogosphere. Lots of bloggers out there are making money, through online advertisements on their blogs. A typical blogger could earn as much as $150 to $5000 a month!, whew!! that is a LOT of money. Watch this video for additional info:

2. Blogging is easy.
Who say's blogging is hard work, here's a trivia: even a 13 year old can blog and earn money from it. You don't even need to be good at HTML just to blog, if you could use friendster, blogging would not be too hard for you.

3. Blogging is something you could do worthwhile.
Though its real painful to say this (-:, most of us Filipinos are just using the internet for the purpose of gaming and social networking. The logic here is that instead of doing something that we could enjoy and benefit us at the same time, we tend to stick with just the enjoy part. Actually, since I started blogging the other day, I find it very enjoyable and challenging, yet I know I could make money from it.

4. Blogging could be your medium of expression.
Through blogs, you could express your thoughts all over the world that you could not express personally, especially those 'shy types'. In the blogosphere they can interact, or even rule. Blogging could be a good way for us to nurture our communication skills.

5. Blogging doesn't take much of your time.
I'm gonna' give you three equations:
Time = Money
Blogging = Money
Blogging = Time!
Blogging takes time to do but the good news is, it only takes a portion of our precious, irreplaceable time. This means a lot of opportunities for us: blogging during breaks, blogging after school, blogging after work, etc. No more dull moments, every second is a chance to earn money, money$, and lots of money$$$.

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