Thursday, August 14, 2008

Am I Too Late For Blogging?

After school, I headed to my room and cranked up my pc. I was really excited about this blog/ blogger thing, so I then surfed the web to learn more about this/ them. I read some blogs to view their first posts, trying to get an idea on how to start.

But instead of being inspired, I felt's because most of the blogs I visited were blogging for some time now - a year or two. Suddenly my goal seemed really really far , far away from all those bloggers. I can't help but to think of what I've been doing back while they were there blogging. I felt like I've been robbed of my precious time considering that I have what I needed from the start.

Am I too late for this? I never thought that this blogging phenomena dated a while back. Will I be able to keep up with THEM? Is there a chance for me to be recognized? - These are the questions popping out of my mind. Given these thoughts, I realized that I should never back down, why would I stop when I'm just about to start. All my efforts will never come to waste, I will go all out.

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